THE fall 2020 TEAM


Angelina Gallegos



Caryn Murray


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Caryn believes there is a ‘gift’ in all things, even in her 2013 Stage-4 appendix cancer diagnosis. Cancer taught her about the importance of self-care, self-love and a whole-body approach to health. She combined the best Western and complementary alternative medicine looking for her best possible outcome, now 6+ years and counting!  Being certified as a Radical Remission coach and workshop instructor continues to fuel Caryn’s passion for helping people on their cancer journey.


Cindy Handler


After receiving a brain tumor diagnosis in 2015, Cindy began practicing all of the factors in Dr. Kelly Turner’s book Radical Remission.  In 2017 Cindy trained with Dr. Turner and is now the Director of Trainings for all Radical Remission facilitators.  

Today, Cindy is a certified health and wellness coach, specializing in holistic nutrition, cultivating intuition, somatic awareness, and integrative oncology.

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Corinne Danielson


Corinne Lemal Danielson has served as Center Director for the Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care, a non-profit in West Palm Beach, Florida since March 2009. Corinne has her Master of Public Health from Emory University in behavioral science and health education and has been a Certified Health Education Specialist since 1996.  Corinne has trained in the practice of mindfulness and wellness coaching and considers herself a 'wellness warrior'.


Debra Nozik


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Debra has been working as a licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1978 and currently works as a psychotherapist. Debra has been a support group facilitator at To Life!, an Albany breast cancer support and education organization since 2007.  Debra was diagnosed in 1999 with metastatic breast cancer and is a radical remission survivor and thriver.

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dr. irina bock


Irina Bock, MD, is a physician and compassionate health & life coach, certified at Duke Integrative Medicine. She draws from her unique qualifications in conventional and non-conventional medicine, including her training in several modalities of vibrational & energy healing and interactive imagery. A survivor of two inherited cancers herself, Irina knows first-hand what people with significant health challenges are going through and is dedicated to helping them find their footing, courage and individual path towards healing.


kimberly kirschner


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After losing her mother to lung cancer, Kimberly was motivated to pursue education and certification/licensure in multiple disciplines with the goal of coaching her clients in a well-rounded lifestyle focused on proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, rest and relaxation. She is Florida Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist and has a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health; Certified Nutrition Specialist as well as an A4M Fellowship in Integrative Oncology.




Lodi found Radical Remission in 2014 in the midst of her own healing challenge, overcoming metastatic melanoma. Kelly Turner’s book, as well as the stories of other survivors on the Radical Remission database, confirmed what Lodi had believed was missing in cancer care- the whole person, multi-faceted approach. With her background in teaching, experience as a cancer patient, and Radical Remission teacher certification, Lodi is knowledgeable, experienced and inspired to share what she has learned with others.


mariah dean


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Mariah has been in remission for 9 years, after following her intuition to find alternatives to chemo. A turning point was taking charge of her healing journey by applying leadership & communication principles she had been teaching in her consulting work, while ignoring those principles in managing her health. She now helps women take control of their healing, and is writing a guidebook called “When Super Women Get Cancer: Empowering Strategies to Guide you from Diagnosis to Healing from a Leadership Coach Who Beat Cancer” 


Julianne O'Brien


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After undergoing a mastectomy following a diagnosis of triple-negative stage 3 breast cancer in 2015, Julianne’s journey began into the exploration of mind-body-spirit healing. She planted an organic garden and thrived on feeding her body with home-grown organic vegetables. Julianne has always had an interest in holistic & integrative medicine, completing 1 year of human development training in 1996 as well as a 2004 course in thought field therapy. She has also been chairperson of Breast Cancer Network


Karla Mans Giroux


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Karla was originally diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2003 and underwent a mastectomy, chemo and radiation. After a  second metastatic cancer challenge arose in late 2014, she left no stone unturned and began utilizing natural, holistic healing modalities and non-toxic interventions to supplement more conventional ones. She has successfully harnessed the power of her body, mind and spirit for healing; Karla has been cancer free since 2016. As a Radical Remission health coach, she is passionate about empowering others to successfully do the same for whatever challenges they are facing.


Kathryn Doherty


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Kathryn is the founder and Director of Wisdom + Wellness, a symposium focused on integrative cancer treatments. She is the USA contact for Arcadia Clinic in Germany, which continues to play a primary role in her health and healing. Her experience with cancer spans over 40 years – as an advocate and caregiver for her mother, father, husband and hers own breast cancer diagnosis in 2016. As a certified Radical Remission instructor, coach and speaker, she leads retreats, workshops, and presents internationally on the healing factors identified by Dr. Turner.


Kristy Peterson


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Kristy’s passion is to help people find their potential to heal. Her interest in nutrition, health, and wellness began with her focus on a healthy first pregnancy. A natural childbirth in 2003 carried over into a natural health style with nutrition and safe products brought into the family home. Kristy became a certified health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2012, and received her certificate in IIN’s Coaching Intensive Practicum in 2019 . She has been studying herbalism since 2018


DR. Lindsay Beane


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Lindsay Beane, DrPH, is a public health researcher and writer who has worked in Baltimore’s poorest neighborhoods for 25 years. When faced with her infant son’s diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in 1993, Lindsay found seasoned practitioners to start his regimen of acupuncture, nutritional supplements, herbal tonics, osteopathic treatments, and homeopathic remedies. She details her son’s transition back to good health (by the age of five) in her published memoir: Embracing the Dragon: One Mother’s Relentless Search for Healing and Hope.

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Dr. Peter is a general & laparoscopic surgeon in Manila who is double board-certified in nutritional and anti-aging medicine in Belgium. Before training as a health optimization medicine (HOMe) specialist, he experienced firsthand the benefits of a personalized, scientific approach to wellness, allowing him to detect and correct conditions associated with pre-illness. His expertise can be especially helpful for cancer patients looking to optimize their nutritional needs during treatment.


Solange Klingensmith


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  • Solange Klingensmith

Solange is the founder of Cook to Heal - Health & Wellness Coaching which is tailored to inspire and empower people on their wellness journey by focusing on nutrition guidance, wellness coaching, and learning to cook with healing foods and spices. Sol is a Mayo Clinic certified health & wellness coach, a national board-certified health and wellness coach & a nutritionist.  


Annette Meinzer


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Annette obtained her BSN in nursing, is a board-certified coach, certified stress management instructor, certified in clinical meditation and imagery, and has received extensive training in energy healing therapies and transpersonal coaching. For the past 14 years Annette has been entrenched in the field of mind-body-spirit healing and holistic/integrative medicine.


beth SCHRoeDer 


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Beth is a Certified Nutrition Specialist® practitioner, licensed dietitian-nutritionist and owner of Simply Health LLC since 2009. Beth continues in a clinical and integrative private practice to assist patients with cancer or chronic illness to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Beth brings both passion and dedication to improving her patient’s current quality of life and overall survival.

dr. Peter Quilendrino



Liz Curran


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In her health coaching practice, Liz takes an integrative approach to nutrition, as well as reducing anxiety using the 10 Radical Remission Healing Factors. As a Certified Radical Remission™ Health Coach and Workshop Facilitator, Liz utilizes her education and experience to guide her clients to break through barriers and realize the benefits of these transformative healing factors. To learn more about Liz's offerings and to connect directly with her in the community forum, click here. 


Mana Washio


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Mana is certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Reiki Practitioner/Master Teacher. After a diagnosis of cervical cancer in 2009, Mana had been told by her doctor that she was in the highest risk group due to the strain of virus she carried. She decided to incorporate major diet and lifestyle changes, and took many steps to improve her mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Mana is passionate about bringing Dr. Turner's message to the Japanese-speaking population.


Maureen Spielman


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A 2018 breast cancer diagnosis led Maureen to undergo conventional treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. To fully heal her body and mind, she sought out alternative therapies such as acupuncture, energy work, and substantial diet changes. Maureen is an integrative health coach and is focused on guiding others to a place of health, wellness and joy in their lives. Trained as a speech-language pathologist, Maureen believes that finding your voice and communicating your needs, especially during health challenges, is essential. Read more about her here.


Mich Schreiber


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Mich Schreiber, L.Ac is the founder and director of The Cancer Wellness Center in Austin, TX, where they practice acupuncture and East Asian Medicine. They are also a member of the acupuncture special interest group for the Society of Integrative Oncology. Mich has been practicing in the complementary health care field since 1997, and their heart passion is in working with cancer patients and survivors, helping each person navigate their individual healing experience to survive and thrive.


Mikah Simmons


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Mikah had a 30-year nursing career before finding her way to a wellness coaching & health promotion practice. While serving at the bedside, Mikah earned her master’s degree in Nursing and became a nursing instructor. Providing patient advocacy & education were her strongest professional attributes. She believes the immune-boosting, inflammation-reducing lifestyle changes encountered while implementing the 10 healing factors have markedly decreased the symptoms of her chronic disease. Mikah is a certified wellness coach & certified Radical Remission coach. 


Pat Berger


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Pat Berger is a certified Maya Abdominal Therapist®, an ancient Maya technique that connects the mind-body-spirit for overall wellness. She is a self-care instructor and a licensed massage therapist. Pat owns and operates a wellness center in Sidney, Maine, where she teaches both yoga and breathwork  


Sylvie Lessard


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After receiving her cancer diagnosis in 2007, Sylvie healed herself BY focusing on diet and integrating more sleep, exercise, social support, and fun. Instead of seeing cancer as the enemy, she sees it as a messenger of needed information. Her body currently shows no evidence of disease, and she is a wealth of knowledge on alternative cancer treatments. She is a featured survivor story on Radical Remission where you can read her full story. Her goal now is to assist and empower people who face similar health challenges.


Zahra Gharaei completed her PhD in Oncology from the University of Sheffield in 2016. Her research ignited her interest in cancer patient well-being through integrative approaches, which led her to obtaining a certification in Nutrition for Cancer Prevention & Longevity from The Health Sciences Academy. Zahra is also an ICF trained coach and combined with her background and knowledge, she aims to empower cancer patients in their journey.

Dr. Zahra Gharaei 


spring 2020 TEAM

aimee poirier
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Aimee is an acupuncturist, international speaker & writer.  As co-owner of Collective Healing Center in North Boston, Aimee has maintained a private practice in acupuncture since 2004.  Aimee obtained a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and an M.A. in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture. Aimee has been developing a specialty in cancer care and women’s health since 2001.

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Charlotte has practiced for more than 20 years as an herbalist, nutritionist and Ayurveda practitioner (NAMA, North American Ayurveda Medical Association).  She completed her plant-based nutrition certification from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and she is an expert in plant-based cuisine. She was lead instructor for Ayurveda cuisine and nutrition at the Natural Epicurean School for Professional Chefs.




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John is a lifelong educator and currently develops and leads training programs in his role as a STEAM & Sustainable Schools Specialist at the New Jersey School Boards Association. After John learned he had hairy cell leukemia in 2014, he applied the Radical Remission factors and was able to stabilize his condition. He is currently collaborating with HealTHY Life NJ, an organization whose mission is to support, educate and raise funds for late-stage cancer patients seeking integrative and complementary treatments.

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Sandy McShane


After Sandy was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in 2017, her intuition spoke loudly to her when making decisions about how to heal. Instead of relying on conventional treatment, she  changed her life in a myriad of ways which brought her back to good health. She sees the tumor she once had as a blessing in disguise, carrying crucial messages on how to live the best life possible. During this time, Sandy attended an advanced workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza and now meditates daily and loves life more and more all the time.

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Kristi Cromwell


Kristi began her journey in the healthcare field as a speech-language pathologist. She has a Master of Communication Disorders & a minor in health education. A 2013 brain tumor diagnosis started her on a wellness journey with a focus on integrating alternative healing factors into her own life, and is now grateful to consider herself a thriver. With her skills as an integrative nutrition health coach, Radical Remission instructor/coach, laughter yoga leader & 'life story guide', Kristi brings her compassion and desire to help others find their unique path for healing through lifestyle intervention changes.

justine laidlaw
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Justine was diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive colon cancer at 45 years of age. She embarked on an enlightening journey to find out the best possible course of treatment to stay alive and healthy, which led her to The Radical Remission Project. Her cancer journey has led her to train as a life coach and integrative nutrition health coach, working with cancer patients to help them to navigate their healing path. Justine has an ozone therapy business and runs a prostate cancer support group for men in her region. 


Tara Flanagan


After losing her sister quickly to an aggressive cancer in 2006, Tara was devastated by the loss and painful experience. Tara was then diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2017 with few symptoms, which led to the discovery that she carried the TP53 genetic mutation. Tara's intuition told her she must seek out integrative healing to offer the best chance at survival. Weekly Chinese Qigong healing sessions, meditation, sound therapy, diet change and a complete overhaul of her personal and professional  life, she now focuses on achieving remission and is devoted to The Radical Remission Project.